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5 Great Tips and Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

5 Great Tips and Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

You may be enjoying your home immensely but find your kitchen lacking. You might spend a lot of time in this room, and it’s important that it serves your food storage and preparation needs. You may just be looking at simple things to spruce up the appearance of the room such as a paint job and some new wood finishing on the cabinets. For more involved kitchen remodeling Philadelphia residents have many options available for contractors who can help. Whichever route you take, the following are some helpful tips and suggestions to consider before you start.

Plan Everything Out Thoroughly

Kitchen remodeling can be a major endeavor. It’s not the sort of project you want to be halfway through when you suddenly think of some consequence of your desired changes that you hadn’t anticipated. Have ergonomics foremost in your thoughts when planning where to place added cabinets, draws and other items for maximum usability.

Be sure you have taken careful measurements of everything that you plan to change and that any replacements, such as new cabinets or a new refrigerator, will fit in that same space unless you are planning to enlarge the space. You will also need to plan for the possibility of the remodel not being done within the time frame you anticipate. Plan to have it be completed at least a couple weeks before you actually need it done.

Focus on Improvements That Add Value to the Home

Honestly, you are already helping to add value to your home by having chosen the kitchen as the room to remodel. Improving the kitchen is widely considered to add more value to your home over changes to any other room.

That said, there are certain things in the remodel that you may want to pay particular attention to. If you have the space, a kitchen with an island can really make yours stick out from the crowd. Certain wood finishes for cabinetry will be more desirable, and the cool metallic look of steel in appliances and light switch covers has an appealing aesthetic.

Add Storage Space

Various floor plan arrangements and more open or closed spaces may go in and out of fashion over time, but more storage in the kitchen is always desirable. If you have unutilized space over a countertop, put some cabinets there. Similarly, added drawers can give welcome room.

If you are planning a more extensive remodel and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you may find adding a pantry to be a wise investment. Hooks for hanging kitchenware can be practical as well.

Don’t Increase the Size of the Kitchen Unless It’s Necessary

Remodeling a kitchen is already a major project without having to knock down walls and relocate plumbing or electrical fixtures in order to expand the size of the kitchen and relocate appliances. You will definitely be making the project easier and running into far fewer unforeseen problems by keeping the space the same size and replacing appliances with similar size items that will fit in the same spot.

That said, expanding the size of your kitchen may be one of your major reasons for the remodel. Perhaps it is just too small as it is now. Just realize that this will increase the complexity of the project and probably necessitate hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor to help.

Give Serious Thought to Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Depending on the extent of your plans, kitchen remodeling can be a bigger undertaking than the vast majority of us can handle on our own. Even if you consider yourself handy with tools, you may quickly find yourself in over your head on such a project.

A contractor can help with the aforementioned planning aspects of such an undertaking in addition to actually executing the project. When looking for a professional contractor for kitchen remodeling Philadelphia residents have options such as American Home Concepts. Their years of experience streamlines the whole process, and their free consultation lays out what they can do for you before you’ve laid out a penny.

Remodeling a kitchen can be a huge project. When done right, it will enhance your use and enjoyment of this room while also increasing its value should you decide to sell someday.


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