Which is best for your Bathroom Remodel: Shower-Liner, Bath-Fitter or Ceramic Tile Replacement?

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Shower-Liner or Bath-Fitter Vs Ceramic Tile Replacement

As your home gets older, certain parts of it will invariably need to be fixed up as it experiences the ravages of wear and tear over time. The bathrooms in your home are no exception to this rule. One major part of any bathroom that will eventually need addressing is the ceramic tiles lining the wall of the shower. They can start to look dingy, or they may even be damaged in parts, and this can make them the target of a home makeover.

The thought of hiring a remodeling contractor to come in and tear off the old and put up new tiles can seem a bit off-putting to some homeowners. Contractors realize this, so they have come up with the concept of shower-liners, which are also sometimes known as bath-fitters. Essentially, they just place a molded fiberglass or vinyl sheet over your existing tiles and bathtub. This has a strong, superficial appeal to many homeowners as it can take less time to get done and quickly makes this major part of your bathroom look better.

Unfortunately, this type of solution can have the effect of simply covering up problems rather than actually handling them. You may have plumbing issues underneath the tub or behind the tile that this does not address at all. The shower walls behind the tiles may have dry-rot or other issues that need to be taken care of.

Homeowners should consider that those original tiles that you’re debating whether to replace or cover have probably been there for 40 to 50 years. When you consider the longevity of many other parts of your home, you realize the tremendous value delivered by those tiles.

You may also be shocked to discover that having a qualified bathroom contractor come in and do a proper replacement job may not be as expensive as you might think. This becomes even more true if the bath-fitter “solution” does end up merely covering up problems. This means that you’ll have to rip it out anyway at some later date to fix any such issues. For any size bathroom, a good contractor can do a quality job that can deliver the exact look you desire instead of having a bland white or almond-colored sheet installed over your shower walls and tub. You’ll be able to choose from a wide assortment of attractive patterns, which can even include glass mosaics.

Another consideration is that you may be selling your home someday. A potential buyer will be far more impressed by a homeowner who took the time to have a quality job done by having new tile laid instead of wondering what problems have simply been covered up by a shower-liner or bath-fitter. Your home is probably the most valuable asset you’ll ever own. Treat it right with proper, high-quality upgrades, and you will be confident of getting a good return on that investment.

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