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Upkeep is a fact of life when you own a home. Eventually, the furnace may break and need fixing or replacing. The siding may begin to warp or become damaged and have to be replaced. The windows are another thing that you may have to replace if you moved into an older home or if you’ve lived in the same home for a long time. Old windows that are cracked or broken in parts or that have gaps between the window and the frame may be costing you money in the form of higher heating and air conditioning bills.

When it comes time to replace your windows in Philadelphia, cost will be a factor as well as the material used for the new windows. Vinyl and wood are two of the more popular materials used for home windows. When examining cost, you must look at the initial cost of the installation and any differences in long-term cost in terms of maintenance and durability.

When you buy a car that is known for getting high marks in reviews for maintenance and reliability, you know that you will have lower long-term costs than if you purchase one for a slightly lower initial cost that has an awful record when it comes to mechanical reliability. Similarly, vinyl windows have certain long-term cost benefits over wood windows even if you might be able to find some wood windows that may be a bit cheaper in terms of what you pay today.

Vinyl windows are more durable than wood windows. They require much less maintenance. Wood has to be painted repeatedly over time to keep the elements from damaging it. Wood windows can swell due to moisture, and this can cause a couple different issues. You may find that the expansion from this swelling can make it harder to open and close. Additionally, wood is more brittle, and it’s easier for parts of a wood window to break off, which leaves gaps that impair its insulating ability.

Vinyl windows are also more convenient than wood. They come in at least as many shapes and sizes as wood windows, and they can tilt in on both the upper and lower sashes, which makes them easier to clean from the inside. Additionally, vinyl windows usually come with double-pane glass, which possesses superior insulation properties. They also typically come with coatings that can protect your curtains from fading due to harmful ultra-violet rays.

The specific needs of individual homeowners can be different, so it is important to consult with a professional window installation contractor. They can help assess your home and what may be the best solution for you. They take a number of factors into consideration while also keeping in mind what you are looking to achieve and what you can afford.


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