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As a homeowner, you depend on your siding to protect your house from the elements as well as to provide insulation, and it is often key to the aesthetic appearance of your home. Eventually it will become faded and may even warp or develop other damage and need to be replaced. Finding a siding contractor who knows what they are doing is critical.

When starting to look for a good contractor, you will find that there are plenty out there who claim to be able to handle the job. It’s your job to whittle down these possibilities to find the one you believe will do the best job and who will stand behind their work in the long run.

For starters, you should check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that they are a member and that they have a high rating with them. If they are not a member, then treat this as a red flag to not do business with this contractor. By being a member of the Better Business Bureau, a company is displaying a commitment to being accountable for any customer concerns or problems. The website for your state’s Attorney General is another excellent place to determine if a contractor you are considering is legitimate.

Many people will not go out to a given restaurant unless they have satisfied themselves that it has good food and service by reading reviews. The siding on your home is even more important than the possibility of one bad meal, so be sure to ask for references. About 10 references should be more than ample, and make sure that these are people you can visit, so you can see the completed work with your own eyes. If a potential contractor to work on your siding hesitates to give you these references, move on to the next one. Also, check to make sure they’ve been in business for a number of years. A guarantee to cover the job they do won’t be worth much if they’re no longer in business a few years later.

Once you’ve completed this basic research and found a promising contractor to work on your home, you may want to take things a step further and test their knowledge with a question that only an experienced contractor would know is a trick question. For instance, you may consider asking them if they will be nailing the siding into the wall very tightly because you are worried about it coming off the house. An experienced contractor will know that siding can only be nailed so far into the walls of your home because it needs to be able to expand and contract with variations in temperature and humidity. A good contractor should also have quick answers to questions about how long the project should take and how they will handle the process of cleanup and junk removal.

By doing the necessary research and asking some questions, you’ll find a professional contractor who can do a quality job installing siding on your home. Let the above be your guide, and you won’t fall for an incompetent bungler who smooth talks you into making a bad decision. Your family is depending on your decisions that protect your home, so make it a wise one that you can look back on with pride every time you look at its beautiful new exterior.

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