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Are you sick of painting the exterior of your home every 3-5 years or are you simply rea dy to upgrade your home with a new exterior color and finish? And wouldn’t it be nice if, along with having a nicer, newer-looking home…you’d also save on your heating and cooling costs?

The truth is, although siding will give your home a new, fresher look without the hassles of painting, the right installation is just as important as choosing the right quality siding.

Improperly installed siding can buckle and look horrible. And if siding isn’t installed correctly, it won’t expand and contract the way it’s supposed to with changes in temperature. Plus, if siding, eaves and overhangs aren’t flashed properly water will infiltrate your home often creating unhealthy mold and mildew.

To make matters worse, a lot of siding installers will even cover over rotted wood and won’t even insulate under siding. (Just one of the reasons a lot of siding companies want to do the installation when you’re at work.)

Sure, they finish the job faster by cutting corners and might even tell you they’re saving you money!

But in the long run, a siding installer who makes bad decisions without your best interest in mind will damage your home and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs later down the road.


Why Our Siding Experience Makes Us Different

We’ve installed siding on over 1,000 houses over the last 19 years.
We use top quality, insulated vinyl siding that’s installed by our experts with the experience required for such an important aspect of home improvement.

Here’s what you get from us…

  • We understand the “art and science” of siding installation.
  • Our siding installers know exactly how much space the siding needs to expand and contract throughout the seasons.
  • We only install well-insulated siding and always inspect and replace wood to ensure the siding and what’s underneath will last.
  • We ask that our customers are always home when we install siding so we can address any issues and show you everything we’re doing from the start.


Only the Best Siding Brands and Materials for EVERY Home in the Philadelphia Area

We only carry the best, top quality siding from Certainteed, a siding and building material company that’s been around since 1904. We’ll help you find the right match for your style home and will find the best color for your home’s exterior.

Some of the styles available include:

    • “Dutchlap” pattern
    • Traditional 4″ and 5″ patterns
    • Faux cedar-shake pattern
    • Accent colors (two-color patterns)

ALL vinyl siding is installed with insulation underneath.  To find out more about our siding installation services, setup a free consultation here or call 610-667-7775.

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