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Tips for Which Entry Door Should You Choose

I am often asked which replacement entry door will insulate a home the best. Usually, the answer has as much to do with the installation of the door as the insulation inside of it.

An entryway is only as good as the contractor who installs it. Make certain that you’re dealing with a contractor who understands that only a custom-made door installed securely against your door frame will keep out the elements. An installer who purchases products from a home-center or big-box retailer and merely “makes it fit” should be avoided at all costs.

Similarly, check the contractor’s record at your local Better Business Bureau website in order to obtain their grade rating. This independent source of information is priceless, as it might save you quite a bit of heartache. Check also that the contractor has been in business for more than 15 years. Sadly, most are out of business within the first five years. One who has at least a 15-year track record has most likely made a commitment to servicing customer problems and performing excellent work.

As for the door itself, it is worth noting that high quality steel and fiberglass replacement doors are typically filled with the same insulating material in their interior cavity. This insulation, called Polyurethane foam, enhances R-value. Simply put, R-value is the resistance to heat or cold. The higher the R-value, the better equipped the door is to keeping the temperature that exists on the outside of the where it belongs…on the OUTSIDE. In addition, quality doors possess a thermal-break which helps to keep the cold temperatures which contact the exterior of the door from infiltrating the interior surface.

Once you compare R-values to find the most efficient door for your home, your attention must shift to the perimeter of the door. After all, even the most insulated door is worthless if isn’t custom-made to the precise dimensions of your door frame. Aside from drafts coming in through the sides and top of a replacement entry door, problems with cheaper, inferior-quality doors often come from drafting underneath the door. Insist on a door with an adjustable threshold and rubber “fins” at the bottom of the entry door and you’ll be happy with your purchase for years to come. The adjustable threshold literally “hugs” the rubber fins for a secure seal to eliminate air penetration. Likewise, a magnetic rubber seal around the door frame will ensure an air-tight fit on both the sides and top of your new door. Don’t settle for less.

Unfortunately, the big-box retailers are more interested in attaining a low price-point than in supplying a good high quality replacement entry door. Search for a professional, local door installation contractor whose door possesses the elements and features above and you’ll avoid the headaches associated these mass marketers.

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